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Trekking Tour in Dedigama Village


Why should you book this trip?

  • This is an amazing place to enjoy nature, culture and adventure 

  • You will be able to be part of a unique experience

  • You will able to learn the fascinating techniques that farmers use during cultivation

  • Kids can play with the village kids and learn different traditions in their homes.

  • Sri Lankan villages are filled with happiness, community work and ingenuity. Witness true hospitality in this Sri Lankan village.




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Included in the price

  • English-speaking guide 

  • Morning and evening refreshments

  • Breakfast and lunch 

  • Bottled water

  • All applicable government taxes


  • Transportation to the meeting point

  • Any extra food or beverages consumed

  • Any tips to the staff

  • Any personal effects not mentioned in this description


Tour in brief

  • Dedigama is a beautiful village that has a little bit of everything that Sri Lanka has to offer. The simple lifestyle and true hospitality of the village dwellers is something to experience for yourself. 
  • First you will go to the Kotavehera, which gets its name from the shape of the stupa, which does not have the usual upper part. After a short walk, you will be able to see the museum and after that you will see the Stripura Cave.
  • After this visit, you will walk through the paddy field and visit the Manioc plantation,. You will be provided with a freshly prepared Sri Lankan breakfast (milk rice or manioc and belimal drink). After breakfast you will be escorted to the vegetable chena. There, you will be able to learn the fascinating techniques that farmers use during cultivation. After the experience, visit Ambalama and refresh yourself with a king coconut and a village fruit buffet while you listen to folk poetry.
  • After the folk poetry you will be able to visit the chief farmer’s paddy field. Here you will learn about what life is like on a paddy field and how people work together during cultivation. 
  • After having lunch (rice & curry, and fruit salad)  you’re off on a trek to Theli Waterfall. This is a beautiful waterfall with a mesmerizing rock pool. The experience will end at 3.30 pm, after a brief discussion session complemented by an evening refreshment along with srilankan traditional sweets (Helapa, Walithalapa).



  • Suitable casual clothing

  • Suitable clothes and hat for extra agriculture activities

  • All electronic devices should be securely carried

About the Dedigama

The historical value of Dedigama is linked with “Kotawehera”,  the archeology museum and the Stripura cave. The name “Kotawehera” has been derived from the shape of the stupa, which does not have the usual upper part. According to various historical sources, Queen Rathnavalie used this place to give birth to her baby, who later became King Parakramabahu, a king that ruled in the Polonnaruwa Kingdom. The “Eth Pahana” (a lamp having the shape of an elephant) is another important archaeological asset that was found during past excavations. The hydro engineering principles used in that lamp reflect the engineering excellence of the people who lived in that ancient era. 

Sthripura Cave, according to folklore, was used by King Valagamba to conceal 500 of his queens. Sthripura means a place full of women. Unlike any other cave in Sri Lanka, it has a magnificent natural stone arch at the entrance to the cave. About 250 years after the reign of king Valagamba, the cave was discovered by a Buddhist priest who converted it into a temple.


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thanks for arrnaging everything, it was really a great weekend and particularly the guide was excellent. He has so much knowledge and could explain everything very well. All went very smooth on time without any delay.

 Franz Gruener – Germany - JUL 16