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Breathtaking challenges in the mountains and cliffs.



Why should you book this trip?

  • You will be able to experience a unique rock climbing session during your stay in Colombo
  • The rock climbing site is only 40 minutes away from Colombo, which makes travelling more easy
  • Every safety procedure including using safety harnesses, helmets, first aid and a safety briefing before climbing, will be followed
  • Pre-site safety inspections and arrangements will be conducted to ensure your safety
  • The rock climbing site is suitable to climb even in the middle of the day
  • It’s a fun-filled adventure for an expert and even for an amateur to try his/her hand
  • Various routes are available for both amateur and pro climbers to try
  • You will be guided by an experience climber
  • Our rock climbing site is a beautiful location with beautiful natural surroundings




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Included in the Price

  • Harness and all necessary equipment for rock climbing
  • A well-experienced climber to assist
  • First aid kit
  • Government taxes
  • All Government and other stakeholder approvals



  • Transportation to and from starting point
  • Extra food and beverages consumed
  • Any tips to the staff


Tour in brief

Our rock climbing site is 40 minutes away from Colombo, which is approximately 35 km from Colombo. You can arrive at a pre-agreed location at the agreed time and meet the SLDT representative. After welcoming you, you will be taken to the crag. Then a safety briefing will take place before the activity. As this is a moderate climb, this is also suitable for beginners and the people who want to learn rock climbing.

Our rock climbing site

Our rock climbing site is an 18-acre secondary scrub jungle at the top of a granite-made rock, 378 feet above sea level at the highest point. It is located in what was a coconut plantation of 600 acres in the district of Kalutara, Sri Lanka. There are two other similar hillocks nearby, if you are interested in exploring more.


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