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Hot Air Ballooning Sri Lanka

Hot air ballooning is a relatively new activity in Sri Lanka, but its popularity grows day by day. There is something special about seeing the world from a bird’s eye view, and this is exactly what a Sri Lankan hot air balloon ride will provide.

If you were to pick a country to go on an epic hot air balloon experience, Sri Lanka should be top of your list. Its variety of terrain, the lush vegetation, the people, the wildlife, and the large bodies of water provide spectacular visual treats every time you take a balloon ride in Sri Lanka.

One special aspect of hot air ballooning Sri Lanka is that every adventure is different from the other, as the balloon will follow the wind, and will land in different places on different days. The most spectacular rides start in the early hours of the morning, and you get to set up the balloon and ascend to a great height before the sun rises, as it is then that you will get to see the sunrise from the best vantage point there is.

Hot air ballooning Sri Lanka is available in Kandalama, with its amazing cultural and natural backdrop. You might even be lucky enough to see the Sigiriya Rock Fortress up close, and see how the millennia-old agrarian societies of the country go about their daily routines. Your hot air balloon journey will last several hours, but it will undoubtedly feel like a blissful and amazing, yet fleeting moment.