Canoeing in Sri Lanka

With a tropical climate and an eclectic range of bodies of water, Sri Lanka is the ideal country to visit for a canoe adventure. Whether you are an expert at canoeing or have never done it before in your life, Sri Lanka provides a lot of opportunity for you to engage in this tiring, yet rewarding activity.

Sri Lanka day tours offers several river canoe experiences in rivers all over the island. Take a river canoe adventure in the Mahaweli River or the Kalu Ganga, or combine your canoeing adventure with other activities such as trekking and biking. Sri Lanka day tours offers all kinds of canoeing tours, with new adventures and itineraries being added to its repertoire all the time.

Once you set off on your canoe adventures, you will find that keeping the canoe afloat and paddling become second nature, and that you will begin to realise the beauty of your surroundings unfolding in front of your very eyes. The birds in the trees, people going about their daily routines, paddy fields and plantations filled with nature’s bounties, and the breeze cooled by the water relaxing you as you go on your journey all add up to a wonderful canoe adventure that is as rewarding as it is tiring.

Sri Lanka Day Tours ensures that all operators provide the best safety equipment for each individual and that safety and paddling instructions are provided before you take off. You will follow the guide in small groups until your destination.