Puppeteers of Lanka

Traditional art and craft evolved through centuries - from the Golden Ages of Sri Lanka


Why should you book this trip?

  • It is the only traditional Puppet Museum in Sri Lanka that was opened on 21st March 2017, on World Puppet Day.

  • This Puppet Conservation Centre is an effort to preserve Puppetry and rebuild the puppet industry in Sri Lanka.

  • A great opportunity to obtain information on String Puppet Art in Sri Lanka and examine the production process of a string puppet.

  • The only place in Sri Lanka to enjoy live puppet shows, at a museum.




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Included in the price

  • Entrance fee to Puppet Museum

  • Guide’s fee 

  • Fee for the puppet show



  • Any transport to and from the location (Puppet Museum)

  • Any tips to the staff

  • Any other expenses not mentioned in the ‘Included in the Tour Price’ section



Tour in brief

It is possible to arrange this tour on any day of the year (from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm). You will be met and greeted by SLDT representatives at the entrance to the Puppet Museum. This will be a unique experience as the tour will give you a wonderful insight into the evolution of String Puppetry Art in Sri Lanka and the entire production process of a string puppet. You can also observe the settings of prestigious puppet plays of Sri Lanka. End the visit by enjoying a 15 minute live puppet show. Do note that this is the only Museum in Sri Lanka where you can enjoy a live puppet show.

Puppeteers Museum

The traditional String Puppet Art of Sri Lanka has evolved through centuries, coming through a long passage of growth and change, history shows its presence in the golden ages of Sri Lanka. Today, however, it has been observed that the puppet industry is a declining art.  In many cases, the existing puppet artists are abandoning this profession due to economic reasons and younger generations are less inclined to take up this artisanship professionally, mainly due to it not being a sustainable and lucrative income. 

The objective of  ‘Puppeteers of Lanka’ is to protect, perpetuate and advance the valuable cultural heritage this art form possesses, support the artisans involved, showcase and create a platform to ensure this craftsmanship will continue in a sustainable manner and to be appreciated by people the world over.



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thanks for arrnaging everything, it was really a great weekend and particularly the guide was excellent. He has so much knowledge and could explain everything very well. All went very smooth on time without any delay.

 Franz Gruener – Germany - JUL 16