Bundala National ParkWatch acres of sky and land fill with 20,000 birds – Bundala National Park

Birdwatching at Bundala National Park lets you explore 6000 hectares brimming with bright-eyed birdlife – with close to 200 species inhabiting the skies, trees and lagoons.


Why should you book this trip?

  • It is a fascinating safari for those who love birds, mammals and crocodiles in a beautiful natural environment.

  • Bundala National Park is renowned as a Ramsar site; a wetland of international importance, where migratory birds nest during their stay - away from winter.

  • One of the ideal places to see an impressive diversity of both migrant and endemic birds in Sri Lanka, at a great frequency and at times unbelievable proximity.

  • Equally unique place to see both saltwater crocodiles and freshwater crocodiles.

  • A wonderland of elephants, most of which reside permanently, with seasonal migratory herds arriving for short periods at Bundala.

  • The biodiversity of the Park is prolific with 383 plant species being recorded here, six of which are endemic and seven endangered.

  • A Park with countless picture-postcard opportunities.

  • Visiting this Park could easily be combined with the dates you spend in the southern Sri Lanka, or when you are visiting Yala National Park.

  • Opportunity to interact with the local fishing community.

  • An experienced birding guide/naturalist accompanying you will make this tour that much more meaningful and engaging.




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Included in the price

  • Naturalist

  • Entrance fees

  • Jeep cost

  • Binoculars for bird watching

  • Refreshments and bottled water

  • All applicable Government taxes



  • Arrival and departure transportation

  • Any extra beverages or food consumed

  • Any tips to staff and guides

  • Any personal effects not mentioned in this description


Tour in Brief

  • You will first meet up with the Sri Lanka Day Tours crew and your designated naturalist at the gate entrance to the Bundala National Park. For the morning half-day tour, the starting time will be at 6 a.m. while the afternoon tour begins at 2.15 p.m

  • The tour starts with you entering the National Park with your naturalist/guide in a jeep. For the next couple of hours, you will need to be on the lookout to spot several species of birds and other animals for whom this natural haven is home.

  • Our naturalist will be at hand to fill you in on information, regarding the Park and any sightings made.

  • You will be taken through the entire Bundala National Park, covering the diverse landscapes; wetlands, grasslands, forest patches, sand dunes, etc.

  • We will stop at a designated spot overlooking the ocean or a lake where you can get down for a breather and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee prepared by our crew.

  • Finishing the Safari, either around 11 a.m. or around 6 p.m. (depending on the tour you take) you will be dropped at the Park entrance.


  • Suitable casual clothing for windy, rainy, warm weather conditions should be considered.

  • Insect repellents and sun-protection creams are recommended items to carry.

  • All electronic devices should be securely carried.

Bundala National Park

Spread over an impressive 6,000 hectares, the Bundala National Park is located in the southern district of Hambantota in Sri Lanka. Falling within the dry zone, the vegetation is predominantly of a dry, thorny scrubland variety which acts as a natural barrier to the wind. The climate is generally dry and arid and the terrain flat with sand dunes borders the coastline.

Bundala features a series of lagoons which are an important habitat for wintering water birds. It is due to this landscape that Bundala was declared Sri Lanka's first Ramsar wetland. The best time to visit the Bundala National Park is between August and April, when shore bird numbers can reach as high as 20,000 with approximately 197 species, including several species of migratory waterfowl - resulting in it being designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2005.

The Park has also been recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA) in Sri Lanka. An admirable diversity of avifauna including: Lesser Whistling Ducks, Indian Cormorants, and Black-necked Storks as well as large water birds like the Grey Heron, Painted Stork and the Black-headed Ibis can all be sighted at Bundala; undoubtedly, a birder’s paradise.


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We  booked two holidays with this company, one in 2014 and another in August 2017. We had great experiences on both holidays. In 2014 they booked us at a lovely cottage, beautifully located in the hill country with friendly staff and a great naturalist guide. For the recent holiday they put in touch with an excellent diving instructor who runs his own place and both my wife and I enjoyed three days of diving as well as got our PADI diving certificates. All in all, I think that they have a strong focus on finding high quality locations, good guides and other personnel. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Sandeep Mody – India - AUG 15-17