White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka

With over 100 rivers across the island, Sri Lanka boasts rich water resources that flow at all kinds of rates. Over the past two decades, a relatively new extreme sport has been gaining popularity with locals as well as visitors from other nations: Sri Lanka white water rafting has become the no. 1 extreme sport in the country.

Sri Lanka’s central region is mountainous and has a lot of rivers. When water flows at speed through rough terrain, it becomes bubbly, and we call this white water. Rafting in Sri Lanka through these turbulent waters, you will feel a sense of adventure like never before. White water rafting in Sri Lanka is popular because of several reasons. The less turbulent areas of the ride may be a great time to see wildlife, especially birds of many varieties and several species of monkey. The calmness does not last too long, though, as the main event – the rapids – come at you and toss and turn you with all its might. When white water rafting, you lose control of everything, and your body takes over to try to survive the experience. The sudden adrenaline rush you get when this happens is second to none.

Sri Lanka Day Tours offers Sri Lankan white water experiences with a difference. Your tour may include activities such as a nature trail or some fun activities added. Safety equipment and training is provided at the beginning of each tour and you will be accompanied by an instructor/guide throughout.