Sri Lanka Bird Watching Experience 

Being an island in the tropics has its perks and if you are a bird-watching enthusiast, very few island nations of its size can match Sri Lanka in the amount of diversity that you get in terms of the number of birds you will see everywhere you go in the country.

Whether you visit one of the many national parks this country has to offer, or one or more bird sanctuaries, you will find that Sri Lanka bird watching is an experience not to be missed. Although there is no consensus as to how many types of birds have been spotted in the wild in the island, the variety of birds is undeniable. Approximately 30 species of birds are endemic to the country, and visitors taking birding tours in Sri Lanka try to record as many of these as possible in their journals. It should go without mention that all birds endemic to Sri Lanka are highly photogenic, so if you have a good camera, don’t leave it at home.

Birding enthusiasts will have the time of their life with Sri Lanka bird watching offered by Sri Lanka Day Tours. Whether you are interested in flycatchers, waders, raptors, owls, parakeets, or other kinds of bird, Sri Lanka has you covered.

Taking you through the Sri Lanka bird watching experiences will be our keen-eyed professional guides, who will be experts not just at spotting and identifying the varieties of birds, but also can give you tips on birding you won’t hear elsewhere.



We  booked two holidays with this company, one in 2014 and another in August 2017. We had great experiences on both holidays. In 2014 they booked us at a lovely cottage, beautifully located in the hill country with friendly staff and a great naturalist guide. For the recent holiday they put in touch with an excellent diving instructor who runs his own place and both my wife and I enjoyed three days of diving as well as got our PADI diving certificates. All in all, I think that they have a strong focus on finding high quality locations, good guides and other personnel. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Sandeep Mody – India - AUG 15-17