Village Walk in Naranpanawa and River Bath

Village WalkSLDT/1908/Ex32

Why should you book this trip?

  • During this walk you will see authentic sights of a village untouched by mass tourism growth 

  • Opportunity to interact with the Sri Lankan village community

  • Great opportunity for families and individuals who love swimming in a river 

  • Enjoy a traditional local lunch and a dessert in a village home

  • During the walk you will see many bathing buffaloes

  • This is an excellent community-based tour led by an experienced guide




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Included in the price

  • The services of the experienced guide

  • Soft drinks and drinking water

  • Transportation from Eco Lodge

  • Basic life saving equipment 

  • All applicable government taxes


  • Transportation to the meeting point

  • Any extra food or beverages consumed

  • Any tips to the staff

  • Any personal effects not mentioned in this description


Tour in brief

  • You will be met by a Sri Lanka Day Tours representative at the pre-agreed meeting point in Kandy. You will walk through quaint villages with their Kandyan Forest Gardens, while villagers go about their daily chores at their own pace. 
  • You will get the opportunity to visit the homes of some villagers and you will be able to see how they make treacle and jaggery. Treacle and jaggery are the syrup and sugar blocks made from the sap of a palm tree. This will be a great opportunity for you. 
  • In your way, you will be able to see various trees, such as cloves, pepper, nutmeg, coffee, cocoa, jack, bread-fruit, arecanut, mangosteen, mango, passion-fruit, rambuttan, banana, papaya. You will see thriving rice fields by the river, with Water Buffaloes helping farmers to maintain their fields.  
  • After about 2 hours of walking, you will be at Naranpanawa by Huluganga, at the exact place where the kings of Kandy used to bathe. Naranpanawa comes from the local language ‘ne-ran-panwa’ meaning “no golden comb”, where the king lost his golden comb while bathing here. The villagers use this river to bathe, wash their clothes and their buffaloes. The sight of Buffaloes bathing in a river is something you don’t see every day.




  • Swimming is at your own risk - a high level of swimming competency is required

  • Clients should bring suitable clothing for warm, windy and rainy conditions

  • Items such as insect repellent and sun lotion are recommended

  • Lightweight clothes and shoes / boots should be worn


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