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Single Tree Trek in misty Nuwara Eliya

Reach the Summit for a Spectacular Sight,
One of the best trekking experiences you can have in Nuwaraeliya.


Why should you book this trip?

  • Single Tree Hill is Sri Lanka’s ninth highest peak.

  • It’s a great addition to your “things to do in Nuwara Eliya” wish list.

  • An extraordinary scenic location with Single Tree Hill being the perfect place for all bird lovers.

  • Soak up an almost perfect 360° panoramic view of some of the tallest peaks in the hill country.

  • Fantastic excursion to stay active during your visit in the cool mountains of Nuwara Eliya.

  • Hassle free, pickup and drop-off package from the Nuwara Eliya city hotels you are staying in.

  • You will be led by a local guide.





+94 70 222 8222




Included in the price

  • Guided walk  
  • Water & refreshments
  • Required donations 
  • Services of a local guide inclusive of his fees
  • All applicable Govt. taxes 


  • Arrival and departure transportation
  • Any extra beverages or food consumed (other than what’s provided)
  • Any tips



Tour in brief

From Nuwara Eliya city, you may opt to either walk or take a taxi to get to the trailhead which is located near Nuwara Eliya Race Course - a place anyone will direct you to. The trail is visible from the highway, accessible by a dirt road which begins behind a residential area.

The Single Tree Hill trek ascends almost all the way from the start to the summit at a slight but steady incline which is a distance of 2.7 km in total. Most of the track is in very good condition but there will be some small muddy areas especially if it has been raining. Bear in mind, this trail will take roughly about 2 hours, including a twenty minute rest at the summit. 

As you approach the top, you will see a temple and beautiful scenery through the Pedro Tea Plantations. The trail will also take you through short thick forest -  unique to the mountains.

The views from the top show reveal the glistening waters of Gregory Lake, the terrains of Horton Plains (its northern view), Haggala Mountain and the Pidurutalagala Range. Equally rewarding will be the birds that greet you; a haven for bird watchers. The endemic Whistling Thrush, Yellow-eared Bulbul among other species will be sighted, alongside mammals such as Sambur Deer and Barking Deer.

The unrivalled scenes at the zenith of the Single Tree Hill can only be seen here; unique to Nuwara Eliya and to be seen nowhere else in Sri Lanka. It is a trek you will cherish on your travels.


  • Wear trainers or hiking shoes.
  • Carry a cap, light sweater and raincoat - as it can get very chilly and rainy on the ascent.



About the Single Tree Hill Hike

There are many villages that were built on rocky walls of mountains and mountains all over the world. Each one has a special charm, the surroundings, the views, the architecture, the history, land everything that surrounds them makes them unique.Nuwara Eliya Sitting in the laps of the mountains, located at a height of 6,128 ft. Known as the hill country, the city is popular for its Tea Industry and eco-tourism. 
the British officer John davy. He found this place during an expedition in 1819 and it soon became a popular destination for the British colonists. In past times English colonists settled at the Nuwara Eliya mainly because the climate resembled the English climate better. Because of this hotels around the city often have colonial characteristics. They soon discovered the area was great for cultivating tea, which is why tea plantations dominate the scenery. The highlands are quite popular among tourists that want to see yet another side of Sri lanka,a side where you can walk for hours in the cool climate.
The region is characterized by extensive Hills. People mostly come to Nuwara eliya to escape the heat and to do some beautiful walks. There are numerous hiking trails that start from The city. 

Some require a small walk from the town to the starting point of the trail. There are a few great lookout points with amazing scenic views over the area. The most popular lookout point by far is on top of Single tree hill which gives a panoramic view of the town, Gregory lake including northern part of the hortain plains and some other hills around the area. The hike is quite long, but also rewarding as it passes some beautiful scenery through the Pedro Tea Plantations. The trail is approximately 2 and hours return and that includes a twenty minute rest stop at the summit.
Wear solid hiking shoes and don't forget to bring enough water along. As it rains a lot in Hill country it would be wise to bring along a rain cape or umbrella. I got some rain on the trek, but only for short periods. As it can get quite chilly at some points, don’t forget to bring along a light sweater just in case. According my personal experience 5.00am to 7.00am would be perfect to start as it is quite chilly and for an experience of a splendid cloud formations over the area.

If you are in Nuwara Eliya city and on foot, you may need to either walk or take a taxi to get to the trail head. The trail head is located just south of the town, near the race course, and is visible from the highway next to the Imaduwa shop accessible by a dirt road begins behind residential area, and a private house.
The trail ascends almost all the way from start to the summit at a slight but steady incline which goes 2.7km in total. The majority of the track is in very good condition but there still some small muddy areas after extended periods of rain. The Buddhist temple is at half way up the mountain called Sir swarnagiri vihara.

This Buddhist temple is as peaceful as it can get your mind out of the trail for a while. Great place get a rest and walk around. To reach the main hall and other buildings, there were stone stairs from the trail up to the temple buildings. After visiting the temple, return to the main trek and continue walking. As you head this way, The summit with a radio tower is visible almost all the way. Once you reach to the summit you will find a concrete pathway which goes towards the radio towers and then turns to the left hand side. The trail continues through the short thick forest this forest type is restricted to the mountains and this forests consist of trees that aren't found in lower-lying areas. The trees have adapted to the cool climate, heavy downpours and intense sunshine. Going in the morning is perfect for bird watchers the endemic whistling thrush, yellow eared bulbul and many other species inhabit in this small forest patch. Mammals like sambur deer and barking deer also can be seen. Following this trail you'll end up in a tree plantation and can go through it to go down the hill
where you can get panoramic views of the town and lake. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous go bit more down for more angels. The single Tree Hill walk is well worth doing but if you plan on walking in the rainy part of the year check for the weather alerts in advance as it limits the view.



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thanks for arrnaging everything, it was really a great weekend and particularly the guide was excellent. He has so much knowledge and could explain everything very well. All went very smooth on time without any delay.

 Franz Gruener – Germany - JUL 16