KandalamaSunrise hot air balloon journey and champagne breakfast – Kandalama

Explore the skies on a private hot air balloon, and watch the first rays of sun gently kiss misty hills. On landing, enjoy an exclusive champagne breakfast and fresh tropical fruit basket at Kandalama.


Reasons to book this trip

  • Exciting adventure not to be missed. Especially if you are in the right location (Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka) at the right time (April to November).
  • One of the reasons hot air ballooning Sri Lanka is so unique is the aerial view you get of the surrounding area. You are able to have different views every time you fly.
  • The beauty of the sunrise landscape you see from a hot air balloon is something you can’t see any other way.
  • Plenty of photo and filming opportunities.
  • Champagne and fruits upon landing.
  • Ideal way to give a surprise gift to your loved ones.

Hot Air Ballooning Sri Lanka, Hot Air Ballooning and Hot Air Ballooning Experience



 218 USD

1 PERSON   - 218 USD


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Hot air ballooning Sri Lanka - Kandalama 
Quick Facts 

  • Availability – November to April
  • Pick up time – 5.15 a.m. from your hotel. However, it will depend on the distance to the launch site
  • Starting point – D.S Senanayake College Grounds, Kandalama.
  • Launch sites may change depending on the wind direction and speeds
  • Hot air balloon flight starting time: 6 a.m. Balloons take off only at sunrise in Sri Lanka when the air is cool and the winds are calm
  • Duration – Approximately one hour from the take off time
  • Children 7 to 12 years of age will be offered 25% discount
  • Children need to be a minimum of 1.2m (5 ft) in height and 7 years or older
  • Children under 16 years have to be accompanied by an adult
  • It is recommended that pregnant women do not fly


You will meet


Mahmut Sami Uluer- Chief Pilot

Honorary Consul General of Sri Lanka, Attorney-at-Law, Businessman and Commercial & Instructor Balloon Pilot. 

Graduated Faculty of Law. Afer training in England, Spain, Russia and Turkey, became Private Pilot in 2007, Commercial Pilot in 2008 and Instructor Pilot in 2009. Worked as Ministry of Transportation of Turkey, Directorate General of Civil Aviation Control/Examiner Pilot. He has trained many pilots. Became Honorary Consul General of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Has 900 hours of flight experience with hot air balloons in 10+ years. Has been working for many years in ballooning and aviation as pilot, chief pilot, vice manager, member of the board and general manager. Flown with many different brands and models. Certified Maintenance Technician of Lindstrand Balloons(UK) and Ultramagic Balloons(Spain). Licensed Radiotelephony (RT) user. Attended vocational training in the following areas: Communicate Procedures, Meteorology, Emergency Application, Bulk Gas Fire Education, Occupational Safety. Licensed scuba diver. First Aid Expert.


Included in the price

  • 3 to 4-hour hot air ballooning experience
  • Approx. one hour flight +/- depending on the weather conditions
  • Champagne and tropical fruit breakfast
  • International balloon flight certificate
  • Government tax



  • Additional foods or beverages consumed
  • Any tips to the staff

Tour in brief 

  • 05.15 -06:15 a.m. - Transfer from hotel to takeoff point. Pickup time will be confirmed the evening prior.
  • 07.00 - 07:30 a.m. - Experience assisting the pilot and crew in preparing the balloon for takeoff. Our experienced crew will help you assist in getting the 350,000 cu foot envelope ready for inflation which is almost as memorable as the journey. Enjoy the picturesque landscape at sunrise, as nature awakens to the first rays of the sun.
  • 08:00 - 08.30 a.m. - Landing and then the endeavors of the retrieval by our ground crew together with the pilot, at his best, displaying the finer techniques of landings and maneuvers. It’s all part of the flight experience. The final pack-up of the envelope and equipment plus lots of laughs and photos add to the memories.
  • 08.30 – 09.30 a.m. - Coming down to earth and the reality of returning to life as seen from the ground, we head for a deserved breakfast of champagne and fresh tropical fruits. Our driver will meet you and with the pilot you will return to your hotel with your flight certificate in hand.


  • Children need to be a minimum of 1.2m (5 ft) in height and 7 years or older
  • Children under 16 years have to be accompanied by an adult
  • It is recommended that pregnant women do not fly
  • Personal effects for warm, windy, and rainy conditions should be carried by clients
  • Dress casually, as in for hiking with closed toe shoes
  • Sunglasses, Sunburn lotion etc. are recommended
  • Flights could be canceled at any time, even at the last moment before takeoff due to weather conditions. The pilot has the last call. His decision must be respected as SAFETY is paramount
  • Transport to the takeoff point will only be provided for free from a hotel which is located 20km away from the take-off point while all additional travels would be charged

Hot Air Ballooning Sri Lanka

Hot air ballooning Sri Lanka is a relatively new activity to Sri Lanka, but in response to the ongoing search for new and exciting ways of seeing the country, it provides a remarkable experience never to be forgotten. With no two flight paths the same, it really will be a unique journey. All hot air balloons are manufactured in the UK, where balloon pilots are also trained by instructors licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. Throughout the flight, an experienced ground crew (following the flight path in a jeep) is in constant communication with the pilot of the balloon, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. So all you need to do is relax, enjoy the peace and quiet and admire the views of Sri Lanka.



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