Authentic Village Tour to Mediwaka

Amazing place to enjoy nature, culture and adventure in Sri Lanka



Why should you book this trip?

  • This is an amazing place to enjoy nature, culture and adventure 

  • You will be able to be part of a unique experience

  • You will able to learn the fascinating techniques that farmers use during cultivation

  • Kids can play with the village kids and learn different traditions in their homes.

  • Sri Lankan villages are filled with happiness, community work and ingenuity. Witness true hospitality in this Sri Lankan village.





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Included in the price

  • English-speaking guide 

  • Lunch and refreshments

  • Bottled-water

  • All applicable government taxes


  • Transportation to the meeting point

  • Any extra food or beverages consumed

  • Any tips to the staff

  • Any personal effects not mentioned in this description



Tour in brief

  • The tour starts with a one hour drive on the scenic and well carpeted Kandy - Mahiyangana road. This ancient village, established in the 14th century by the king of Kurunegala, has no proper road access which allows it to retain its old charm - Water Buffaloes can still be found trudging in beautiful rice-fields. You will see many ancient irrigation systems and methods being used till this day.
  • The trek begins with a school visit where guests have the opportunity to give children gifts such as pens and books. The walk will take you to a different part of the village, along rice-fields and vegetable plots. Stop for a session of “fish-therapy” in the river, where you put your feet in the water and let hundreds of fish give you a very peculiar, yet satisfying, foot massage. You will return to the Lodge after an hour’s drive on the same scenic road. The experience will end after having lunch.


  • Suitable casual clothing

  • All electronic devices should be securely carried


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