GalleCountryside cycling expedition and southern street food – Galle

Ride through Galle’s southern paradise and experience low country tea estates and rubber plantations, with an opportunity to spy on marshland birds, before exploring 17th century Galle Dutch Fort for street food.


Why should you book a trip to Galle?

  • Taking a day trip to Galle and its outskirts is an experience that can get you up close and personal to the South’s largest and most important city. There is an array of exciting things to do in Galle and the best way to explore this city is on two wheels.
  • Take a ride amid the stunning scenery in Galle town and its suburbs, through paddy fields, tea estates and rubber and cinnamon plantations.
  • The morning tours are breathtakingly beautiful amongst many flocks of birds that can be observed in the marshlands that surround the serene Koggala Lake.
  • You get an opportunity to visit the low country tea factory – Kahanda Kanda Tea Factory
  • Get up close and observe the interesting daily routines of villagers and city dwellers in Galle.
  • There are dozens of culturally and historically significant places to visit in Galle. Track all the major attractions in the region including Unawatuna Beach, the Rumassala mountain and the world-famous Galle Dutch Fort.
  • You can explore the colonial background that shaped the region and the country from the 16th to the 20th centuries.
  • Experience the diverse climatic conditions in southern Sri Lanka.
  • If cycling is not enough, you can take a boat ride on the scenic Koggala Lake.
  • Most importantly this is an excellent community-based tour led by a knowledgeable and experienced cycle guide, so in turn you contribute to the wellbeing of the local community.




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Included in the price

  • Cycles, including helmets
  • The services of a knowledgeable and experienced local cycle guide from the community for the duration of the tour
  • Bottled drinking water for the duration of the tour
  • Packed snacks and refreshments for the tour
  • Lunch will be arranged in Unawatuna
  • All Government taxes and service fees





  • Transportation to starting point and from the end point of the cycle trail
  • The cost of any extra beverages and food (including snacks) consumed during the tour
  • Entrance fees to the tour sites
  • The cost of any optional activities
  • Any tips or gratuities given to the attending staff
  • Any other expenses not mentioned in the “Included in the price” section


  • As the weather in Sri Lanka is not predictable, guests are advised to bring suitable clothing for warm, windy, and rainy conditions
  • Items such as insect repellent and sun protective lotions are highly recommended, and should be brought and carried by guests
  • Lightweight clothes and biking shoes/boots should be worn during the ride
  • Bottles of water and refreshments should be carried by guests over the duration of the tour

Day cycling tour in Galle

Galle is considered the capital of Sri Lanka’s south with historical and cultural importance. Sri Lanka Day Tours’ cycle tour of Galle and its outskirts will provide you with a view to this magnificent city and its happenings.

You will meet Sri Lanka Day Tours representatives and a guide in Miliduwa, in the outskirts of Galle. After introductions and an initial brief of the tour, you set off from Miliduwa.

The first stop is at the tea factory at Kahanda Kanda. This factory gives you a glance at how low-country tea is processed from raw leaves all the way to its final form with a peak at how a co-ordinated effort gets the tea from the lush green plantations to a teacup.

The serene Koggala Lake, being the next stop, is a place to rejuvenate and take on a boat ride around the lake. The Koggala Lake is dotted with hundreds of tiny islands, some of them large enough to be inhabited. Amongst many key features, the marshland that surrounds the lake is the main attraction with several dozen species of rare and colourful birds, especially during the migrant season.

You continue to cycle amid paddy fields, coconut, rubber and cinnamon plantations etc. Upon reaching Unawatuna, you will see its famous pristine beaches and coral reefs. Unawatuna borders Rumassala mountain, with a unique Buddhist temple and a small attractive strip of beach known as Jungle Beach.

Galle city, the most significant attraction in this tour features the 17th century Galle Dutch Fort. It features several quaint boutiques for souvenir hunters, high-quality restaurants, even a strip of beach and even the first breadfruit tree planted in Sri Lanka. You will get a chance to interact with the locals and try some mouth-watering street food as well.

From the Galle Fort, you will cycle back to Miliduwa village to end an undoubtedly rewarding tour.

Galle – The Bastion of the south

Galle, being Sri Lanka’s third-largest city, was used as a port throughout history. Galle became an important centre of trade and defence during the Portuguese era in the early 16th century. The Dutch later preserved the fort. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its cultural significance.

The Galle Fort is not an abandoned old fort. There is a permanent population that lives within its walls. It includes several places of worship, a school, several high-end restaurants and bars, star-class hotels, and a range of quaint boutiques that sell gems, trinkets, and handicrafts including exciting museums.

The day tours of Galle will take you outside the Fort to the city of Galle, which is one of the main hubs of transport in the country’s south, as well as a vibrant city buzzing with activity. Just outside the Fort is one of Sri Lanka’s iconic cricket grounds – the Galle International Stadium. Galle is very much a city that is growing with many new buildings popping up in the city centre and beyond.

On a day trip to Galle there are several interesting places to visit. The nearby Koggala Lake, with its marshy shores and small islands, is a haven for bird life. Koggala has one unique special area where six modes of transport come together in a single line of about 100m – sea, freshwater, rail, highway, air, and foot.

Galle’s surrounding area has some of the best beaches on the island. The beach in Unawatuna is said to be among the best in the world. Further inland, you will begin to understand why agriculture is the economic mainstay of southern Sri Lanka. Tea, coconut, rubber, and cinnamon are among the most popular crops grown in the region.

Although a day trip might not have you experiencing all the things to do and see all the places to visit in Galle, we at Sri Lanka Day Tours aim to provide you as much quality time as possible in Galle.


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