Sea Based Experiences in Sri Lanka

The Indian Ocean is by far the warmest ocean on the planet, and Sri Lanka’s maritime borders contain some of the most amazing waters for sea based experiences in Sri Lanka. Ride in a catamaran and have the adventure of your life, or just spend the day gazing at the endless blue vastness that is the Indian Ocean.

In Sri Lanka, there is a saying that it is an any time of the year destination, and the oceans surrounding Sri Lanka also prove this point. Although it does get a lot of rain throughout the year, as luck would have it, different parts of the coast are accessible at different times of the year. This makes for your sea based adventures in Sri Lanka to be different each time.

Sea based activities in Sri Lanka can include scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, and water sports, but if you are really in it for the relaxation of it, your best bet would be to get on a catamaran and sail away to a nice private spot off the coast. You can have fun with your friends and have a very private party away from everyone. We bet you that it will be the most exclusive party in the entire country!

Sri Lanka Day Tours updates its portfolio of itineraries regularly, and we might add a few more Sri Lanka sea based activities to this list. Browse through the options, pick the one you like, and contact us to make a booking today!