Choose from wildlife safaris, city tours, cultural discoveries, and thrilling adventures, as you plan your perfect day excursions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka truly is a paradise for sightseers, wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers and it is staggering how much you can get done in a day tour,short break or excursion. There really is not a day to miss!

Choose from an exciting range of day tours from the pioneering day tour operator in Sri Lanka.

Kids, parents, grandparents, and the young at heart: there is something for everyone to do as a day trip, from any city in Sri Lanka.

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Best excursions to choose from

Sri Lanka day tours and excursions include: jungle trekking, diving & snorkelling, safaris, water based activities such as white water rafting and canoeing, hot-air ballooning and many more choices. Sri Lanka Day Tours has many and varied excursions, covering different expectations in budget, interest and group size. For some excursions, you may join a group and make some new friends while some can be arranged privately. There is so much to choose from!


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