Yala National ParkThe world’s greatest leopard safari – Yala National Park

Yala National Park is synonymous with Leopard-topia– holding the largest leopard population in the world, per kilometre. Globally recognised as being not just the best place to observe big cats, but sloth bears and elephants as well.

Leopard safari Sri Lanka Yala National Park is the best location for Leopard safari Sri LankaSLDT/1702/Sa03

Why should you book this trip?

  • Boasting the highest density of leopard population in the world, the Yala National Park is widely noted as being the best place in the world to film and photograph the Sri Lankan leopard.

  • Yala is also popular for its high density of sloth bears.

  • You have 3 options to book safaris in the Yala National Park: [1] Morning Safari [2] Evening Safari [3] Full Day Safari.

  • The experienced guide facilitates a fuller experience on this Yala leopard safari.

  • Specially modified, comfortable jeeps for maximum viewing - are provided for these safaris.

  • We also offer customised services for our guests (family safaris/honeymoon safaris/photography safaris, etc.).

 Sri Lanka Leopard spotted at a Leopard safari Yala National Park. Yala is the best location for Leopard safari Sri Lanka.

 Best photography Leopard safari experience in Sri Lanka. Book Leopard safari Sri Lanka at Yala with us.





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Included in the price

  • Experienced local guide

  • Jeep cost

  • Entrance fees

  • Bottled water



  • Arrival and departure transportation

  • Any extra beverages or food consumed

  • Any tips to the staff

  • Any personal effects not mentioned in this description


Tour in brief 

  • You will first meet the Sri Lanka Day Tours crew and your safari guide at the gate entrance to the Yala National Park. For the morning half-day tour, your Yala Safari commences at 6:00 a.m. while the afternoon run begins at 2.30 p.m.
  • After entering the National Park with your guide in a jeep, keep an eye out for leopards and sloth bears, besides other mammals and several species of birds which have made their homes in this sanctuary. The guide will explain about the Park’s various interesting attributes as you discover, become more aware and enjoy the flora and fauna of Yala.
  • You will be taken through most of the Yala National Park, covering the wetlands, grasslands, forest patches, etc. We will make longer stops at certain watering holes for those quiet photography opportunities.
  • Finishing the Safari, either around 11 a.m. or around 6 p.m., you will be dropped at the park entrance.


  • Suitable casual clothing for windy, rainy, warm weather conditions should be considered.

  • Insect repellents and sun-protection creams are recommended items to carry.

  • All electronic devices should be securely carried.

Yala National Park

Designated as a National Park in 1938, Yala is Sri Lanka's most visited National Park and is situated in the dry semi-arid region off the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka, Yala is known for its biodiversity, with over 200 species of birds and over 40 species of mammals.

Consider yourself stepping into Leopard land when you come to Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s oldest and inarguably most famous Park.

Dry, dusty and hot winds from an arid landscape of savannah grasslands, thorn and dry monsoon forests will make you wonder, if you truly are in a tropical country. But the Park is also home to saltwater wetlands, flaunting her biodiversity and membership of an impressive number of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

With a density of least one leopard per square kilometre, and the chances of spotting these formidable big cats enhanced with the trained eye of our guides; these elusive leopards greet the dawn and acknowledge the sun setting.

It is not an uncommon sight to see elephants, buffalo, sloth bears and even leopards crossing the road in front of you, giving you an opportunity to see these big mammals up close.

Yala is also home to a multitude of birds, including the Sri Lanka jungle fowl, peacocks, and endemic species such as Sri Lanka grey hornbill, crimson-fronted barbet and Sri Lanka wood pigeon. Watering holes also attract water birds such as herons and storks.

Among the smaller species of mammals in Yala are hares, foxes, wild boar, toque macaques, golden palm civets, red slender loris, and fishing cats. Take this Yala leopard safari  - you will never forget it.


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I would highly recommend Sri Lanka day tours for the half day safari they arranged in Kaudulla Park. It made our trip in Sri Lanka. The kept excellent communication with me both via email and whatsapp to arrange dates, cost and timings for pick ups. The driver for our safari was very well experienced for getting us safely around the park, and what's more, seemed to chose the best route for the drive starting with Eagles, then lone elephants, to a small family of elephants (the youngest being a 2 week old elephant) to the grand finale of approximately 150 wild elephants grouped together. Phenomenal experience and memory for my first safari. Top marks. 

Simon Bradshaw – UK – AUG 28