Rock Climbing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s geology and topography of the island ensure that it is rich in vertical rock surfaces that are asking to be ascended. You don’t need to travel a long distance from the city to find a great spot either, as your Sri Lanka adventure holidays can have rock climbing included in it as an activity.

Whether you are a novice who has never climbed before or an experienced climber who lives for the challenge, you will find places in Sri Lanka that provide you the very type of rock climbing experience you need.

Rock Climbing can also be a part of adventure holiday packages, where nature trails or hiking are included, so ask us about packages that fit your need.

There are added perks of rock climbing in a country such as Sri Lanka too. You will be surrounded by the beauty of nature at its very best. There are several spots that allow climbing even at high noon, when you would usually expect the granite rocks to be hot. Sri Lanka Day Tours has arranged rock climbing tours at the best possible locations in Sri Lanka that provide not just the best possible rock climbing experience, but also the best environment as well. We also show very high concern for safety, as our experienced rock climbing instructors are well trained to teach you the safety basics. We conduct safety checks well before the tours even begin to ensure that your adventure holiday in Sri Lanka goes without a hitch.