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Trekking at Giritale

“Catch Sight of Endemic and abundant Wildlife; Free Rein in Pristine Nature at Sudhukanda Kele”


Why should you book this trip?

  • Trekking is a walk through the forest where you will see the Parakrama Samudraya and heritage ruins in distance

  • You will be a part of a unique experience; witnessing historical sites and nature

  • Includes a  visit to the Wildlife Museum in the area 

  • Catch sight of endemic lake birds and abundant wildlife in nature




+94 70 222 8222




Included in the price

  • The services of an experienced trekking guide

  • Drinking water, snacks and refreshments during the tour 

  • Relevant entry permits to the Wildlife Museum



  • Transportation from Hotel to trekking starting point 

  • Any extra beverages or food and snacks consumed (over and above what’s arranged by the guide)

  • Optional activity costs

  • Any personal effects not mentioned in the “Included in the Tour Price” description

  • Any tips for the staff

  • Any other expenses not mentioned in the “Included in the Tour Price” description


Tour in brief

The tour will start from the Giritale Hotel and would engage in  trekking through Sudhukanda Kele (meaning: White Hill Forest) to the 1st milestone:  observing the abundant bird life and sometimes catching the deer and wild hare crossing in the forests. At the Giritale Lake, you will be awed by the endemic lake birds and the backdrop of paddy cultivation.

Your trek would take you through the depths of the forest, where you will sight the Parakrama Samudraya, the magnificent water tank built in the 12th century of ancient Sri Lanka and other ancient ruins in the distance. After about 5kms, you will come upon the Wildlife Museum which you will visit - no doubt you will find it a unique experience altogether.

On your return, if the water level of the Giritale Lake is low (depending on the season) you can attempt to cross the lake, in order to come back to the hotel, even more quickly. If not, you will return on the same route experiencing the abundant wildlife that frolic in the forest and nature.


Giritale City

Giritale is a small city in the Polonnaruwa District of Sri Lanka. Given its proximity and close historical links to Polonnaruwa, an ancient capital of Sri Lanka, Giritale has fast become a tourist destination. The Giritale tank (Giritale Wewa) has a historical background that connects it with king Pandukhabaya's birth (437-367 BC) and other stories similarly account for historical connections. Giritale shares a sanctuary with Minneriya too, and is known as the Giritale-Minneriya sanctuary.

The city has many mid-range and up hotels, and its location on the main road from Colombo to Polonnaruwa and Batticaloa makes it an ideal transit point, while exploring the area.