Three unique coral reefs for three different snorkelling adventures 

The world underwater is nothing like you’ve ever known; from seeing a school of fish dart past you in a blur of fantastic colour, to witnessing towers of coral reefs hide a mysterious variety of sea life. The best welcome into this world is through snorkelling and scuba diving, and what better place than in Sri Lanka’s most famous Marine National Parks! Here are three of the best snorkelling locations in Sri Lanka:

Snorkelling in Hikkaduwa

The warm and inviting tropical waters of Hikkaduwa has made it one of the most coveted locations for snorkelling in Sri Lanka. Hikka’s bustling coral reef and sea ecosystem lets you get up close to beautiful reef fish like angelfish, butterfly fish, parrot fish and even different species of sea turtles! Just about 200m away from the shore, you get to explore mild and shallow waters (under 5m deep), where around 60 species of hard coral is found, with over 170 species of tropical reef fish hiding in the fringing reef. The best time for snorkelling at Hikkaduwa National Park is November to April, from 9am to 11am.

Snorkelling in Passikudah

Explore one of the longest stretches of shallow reef coastline on the planet, at Passi. Almost like a giant swimming pool, you can simply walk for kilometres into the wait-deep sapphire sea and explore the barrier reef. With timid currents rolling across the bay, you get to enjoy one of the calmest snorkelling waters in Sri Lanka. The reef which surrounds the bay is home to a variety of tropical fish and exotic sea creatures – making it the ideal snorkel paradise on the east coast. The best time for snorkelling in Passikudah is April to November, from 9am to 11am.

Snorkelling in Trinco

We’re saving (probably) the best for last; snorkelling in Trincomalee is, essentially, snorkelling with sharks and turtles on Sri Lanka’s famous Pigeon Island! When you take a boat out to Pigeon Island in Trinco, make sure you have your snorkelling gear on you, for a swim in this Marine National Park’s mysterious waters is best experienced when you see it inches from your mask; from 200 species of tropical fish, to Blacktip reef sharks and Hawksbill turtles! The best time for snorkelling in Trinco is May to October, from 8am to 2pm.

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