Sri Lanka’s water resources are stuff of legend. With as many as 200 rivers, countless lakes, and reservoirs, and of course, the great blue ocean that surrounds it, Sri Lanka is truly blessed with more than its fair share of water. The inland bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and lagoons, and the ocean also provide Sri Lankans with one of their main sources of protein in the form of fish and other seafood. For this reason, Sri Lanka is now beginning to become a hotspot of inland and Deep sea fishing Sri Lanka holidays.

Your experience in Deep sea fishing Sri Lanka can be a relaxing day of catching fish in a calm river at morning or dusk, or it can be the excitement of going out on a larger boat to the deep sea and helping catch the big fish. Sri Lanka’s oceanic waters are known to contain the nutrients and the temperatures for the best tasting fish to breed, while the local population’s use of spices and herbs in combination with recipes handed down over the generations make seafood dishes in the country taste even better.

Inland, you would catch smaller freshwater and brackish water fish, while in the deep sea, you will be able to catch larger fish such as grouper, tuna, barracuda, and several others.

With Sri Lanka Day Tours, you don’t need Deep sea fishing experience to go on a Deep sea fishing tour Sri Lanka. All you need will be provided – life jackets, a boat, and an experienced guide and crew.

Deep Sea Fishing