This cosmopolitan city is the bustling capital hub of Sri Lanka with gourmet restaurants, luxury hotels, an active nightlife and fantastic shopping possibilities. Much coveted as an important point of trade since ancient times, Colombo was a well positioned exchange center where traders from the Middle East traded ivory, precious stones, and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and cloves.

These were highly sought after commodities which sold for exorbitant prices in Europe.

Colombo is the place to shop till you drop. It has a good selection of shopping complexes, handicraft stores- a ‘don’t miss’ shopping experience is Pettah, where you can find anything from electrical sockets to stationery. Places of worship for all religions exist (some of which have their own vibrant history) like mosques, churches, kovils and temples illustrate the melting pot that makes up our people. You can even spend your evenings strolling along Galle Face Green while watching the world go by.

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