Three awesome ways to explore Colombo City

Ah, Colombo. A utopia of sights, smells and tastes… wrapped in centuries of history, tradition and culture. There’s so much you can do that doesn’t necessarily involve getting a tan or trekking, as near pristine beaches and forests, wanderlust-filled travellers make a day to lose themselves in Colombo, usually with guided sightseeing day tours. Of course you could venture out into the city on your own, but a Colombo city tour with a local guide ensures you understand the importance of what you see and don’t miss a thing!

Colombo by foot

What better way to explore the nooks and crannies of a city, than on foot? Of all the day trips in Colombo, a walking tour makes the experience more personal. Stroll at your own pace through the city from Kotuwa (Fort) to Pita-Kotuwa (referred to as Pettah by locals) while keeping yourself hydrated at the many king coconut stalls along the way. Get lost in a maze of some of the “must see” streets and alleys of Colombo, dotted with beautiful colonial architecture from the 16th century. Meet the local vendors of bold spices, nibble on a plethora of street food, haggle for quirky local wares and more… all with some comfortable walking shoes on!

Colombo by bicycle

Of course you may even pick up the pace and take a ‘natural’ route, with a little cardio thrown in! Cycling in Colombo suburbia allows you to discover the greener outskirts, with the wind in your hair, and gentle sunshine on your back. Surrounding the city limits, along the Diyawanna Lake which frames the Sri Lankan Parliament along with the Talangama Wetlands, you can easily spot why it’s known for bird watching. A city cycling tour as a day trip experience indeed follows the path less travelled… on two wheels!

Colombo by jeep

However, if you’re looking for more historically unique (and perhaps even iconic) Colombo tourism packages, driving out of a time machine and exploring Colombo in a restored World War II jeep is a dream come true for most! Cruise in vintage style while uncovering (and driving) architectural masterpieces in a beautiful city that preserves influences from its colonial past. Photographers find this day or night experience especially rewarding for the movie-like ride and unobstructed views – these restored, open-aired wheels are featured in well-loved classics like Pearl Harbour, The Godfather, and Platoon! True vintage car buffs can even take the wheel and check off driving-a-war-jeep from their bucket list!

It’s amazing at how much can be experienced, in just a day, by unconventionally sightseeing in Colombo. So go ahead and grab your sunglasses and camera for a Colombo day trip that’ll make you see, smell, taste and really experience the fascinating and sun-kissed quirks of Colombo City.

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