Three inspiringly local food tours in Colombo

What better way to experience an exotic island, than to taste it! At the heart of any city adventure bucketlist consisting of ‘Things to do in Colombo’ and ‘Places to Visit in Colombo’, is the foodie paradise of trying local food in Sri Lanka, along with making it yourself at traditional culinary classes! Here are 3 places to get your city food and culture fix at:

A Culinary Experience at Aunty’s Place

Here you’ll learn to cook a traditional Sri Lankan lunch or dinner, including curries and sambols, the fun way at Aunty’s Sri Lankan Cooking Class in Colombo! Not only will you master the art of scraping a coconut like a true aunty, you’ll also get to experiment with a variety of fresh spices and local techniques. At the end of the cooking experience, everyone sits at the table for an authentic feast, because a true Sri Lankan food experience is better when shared!

The Colombo Street Food Tour

Have you ever been on a street food tour that had the potential to change your whole perspective of an entire country? Experience the non-touristy sights, smells and tastes in central Colombo, with heavy influence from different cultures sharing a city! Follow your host through the lesser-known areas of the inner city, discover the cultural identity behind Colombo street food; experience Colombo nightlife inside local bars, bustling streets, alleys, and corner shops; try traditional sweets and pots of bubbling curry by the roadside; and ride a tuk tuk to Galle Face Green at sunset for a kottu dinner by the sea.

A Culinary Experience at Upali’s Restaurant

At this local culinary masterclass, you’ll first be introduced to the history of Sri Lankan cuisine, including its international influencers which made ‘fusion cuisine’ possible. Your chef at Upali’s Restaurant will get you better acquainted with real local food in Sri Lanka, such as string hoppers, hoppers, roti, and pittu, and what accompaniments go best with each. You will also be taught to identify spices, and how to spice up dishes before firing up the stove. Next, it’s on to rolling rottis, mixing your own sambol, and spicing your own curry the way you like it! At the end of this Culinary Experience in Sri Lanka, everyone shares the food they made in the fashion of a celebratory Sri Lankan feast!

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