Meet swimming elephants and indigenous tribes on a jeep or boat safari: Gal Oya National Park

3 Hours

Watch elephants swim across to islands using their trunks as snorkels, and meet the indigenous tribe of Veddas at the enigmatic Gal Oya National Park.

Why should you book this trip?

  • It is a unique experience where boat safaris in the Gal Oya reservoir take centre stage – a rare occurrence.
  • The highlight of your stay will be to witness elephants swimming from one island to another in the reservoir in the Gal Oya Park.
  • An opportunity to meet the only indigenous, tribal community of the country – Aadi Vaasi or the Veddas – a fast dwindling community.
  • You have 2 options to book safaris in the Gal Oya National Park: [1] morning safari or [2] evening safari
  • The skill of an experienced guide is included and it makes your Gal Oya safari experience unique.
  • Specially modified, comfortable jeeps are provided for safaris.
  • We also extend customised services for our guests (family safaris/honeymoon safaris/photography safaris etc.)

You will first meet up with the Sri Lanka Day Tours crew and your safari guide at the gate entrance to the Gal Oya National Park. For the morning half-day tour, the starting time will be at 6 a.m. while the afternoon tour begins at 2.30 p.m.
You will be taken through most of the Gal Oya Lake, making longer stops at certain locations for unique photography opportunities.
We will stop at a designated spot where you can get down, stretch your legs and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee prepared by our crew.
Finishing the safari, either round 11 a.m. or around 6 p.m. you will be dropped at the park entrance.

This is an exclusive tour that takes you through the enthralling Gal Oya National Park in Sri Lanka. Renowned as one of Sri Lanka’s best national parks, Gal Oya offers nature enthusiasts and birders, the perfect opportunity to get close to the exotic animals and birds on show in this esteemed wildlife sanctuary.

Established in 1954, the Gal Oya National Park serves as a main catchment area for the Senanayake Samudraya, Sri Lanka’s largest reservoir. Boasting a spectacular list of flora and fauna, this park is famous for its large herds of elephants that can be spotted throughout the year. The magnificent sight of the elephants swimming across the reservoir lures many tourists to these parts and is certainly a highlight of this safari.

Among the other mammal species found in this wild haven are the Axis Deer, Water Buffalo, Toque Monkey and also the regal and iconic Sri Lankan Leopard.

The Gal Oya Park also contains what is known as “Bird’s Island”, which is an island used by birds for nesting purposes. The park is blessed with a simply dazzling array of colourful and vibrant bird species including endemics such as the Red-faced Malkoha as well as other water birds including the Indian Cormorant and the Grey Heron. This has made the Gal Oya National Park a must-see destination for birding enthusiasts.

The water ways within this grand park allows visitors to be part of the unique experience of exploring its inner-workings either with an exciting jeep safari or an intimate boat expedition.

Gal Oya offers you the quintessential safari adventure with a twist. This is your chance to witness some of Sri Lanka’s wild and natural beauty with a fresh look at one of its most enigmatic and captivating national wildlife parks.

Can be extended to a full day safari with packed lunch at the park.


  • Experienced local guide
  • Jeep cost
  • Entrance fees
  • Bottled water


  • Arrival and departure transportation
  • Any extra beverages or food consumed
  • Any tips to the staff
  • Any personal effects not mentioned above

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Meet swimming elephants and indigenous tribes on a jeep or boat safari: Gal Oya National Park
From $132
/ Adult - Single Person(SOLO)
From $71
/ Adult - 2 Persons
From $62
/ Adult - 3 Persons
From $57
/ Adult - 4 Persons
From $55
/ Adult - 5 or More people
From $40
/ Child - Price per child
  • SLDT/2405/SAFGOY01
  • 3
  • 6:30 AM | 2:30 PM
  • Iginiyagala entrance
  • 48 Hours
  • Migrating Elephants - March to July | Birdwatching - December to April


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