Sri Lankan holidays can mean different things to different individuals. The island may be small, but there are many places to visit in Sri Lanka. So many, in fact, that you can extend your stay indefinitely and may never see all the wonders this little island has to offer.

A rich history going back more than two and a half millennia, a culture that has evolved over time somehow preserving its values and beliefs, friendly people with broad white smiles add to the natural beauty of the country, seen best at its myriad national parks and protected wildlife areas. Many tourists love sightseeing in Sri Lanka for the pleasure and entertainment it provides.

Sri Lanka is the ultimate holiday destination, but seeing it in all its glory needs time and a bit of effort. We at Sri Lanka Day Tours have taken a lot of care and endeavoured to bring you the many facets of Sri Lanka packaged into small one or half day tours. These experiences, whether they are cultural, historical, natural, industrial, or even agricultural, speak volumes of the unique combination of the material that the tapestry known as Sri Lanka is made of.

Our itineraries are updated regularly, so you might need to bookmark this page, as a new Sri Lanka experience could be added, and it could be exactly what you need on your Sri Lankan holidays. Click on any of the itineraries below and contact us to make your Sri Lanka experience come true.