Snorkel in tropical waters overwhelmed with reef fish: Hikkaduwa

2 Hours

Snorkel in tropical waters overwhelmed with reef fish – Hikkaduwa

Explore Sri Lanka’s most popular Marine National Park with snorkel gear, and meet the sea creatures of Hikkaduwa – from the pouting Wrasses to algae-riddled turtles!

Why should you book this Snorkelling in Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka experience?

  • Hikkaduwa is not far from Mirissa & Unawatuna beaches and Galle. Considered as one of the top 5 things to do in Galle , Mirissa and from Unawatuna.
  • Hikkaduwa’s brilliant coral reef and bountiful underwater ecosystem makes it one of the best locations in the country for snorkelling excursions in particular.
  • Hikkaduwa offers excellent snorkelling opportunities very close to the shore. Just 200m offshore, in shallow waters no more than 4m deep, a reef protects an expanse of brilliant coral which is populated by vividly colourful reef fish.
  • It is an ideal fun and adventure-filled activity for professionals and amateurs alike. You can come and learn snorkelling if you are a beginner while experienced snorkelers can also enjoy Sri Lanka’s tropical waters and its colourful reefs and fish.
  • There are around 60 species of hard coral along with over 170 species of tropical reef fish in the fringing reef at Hikkaduwa National Park.
  • Very easy access from the most popular beach resorts. If you are looking for things to do in Galle or Hikkaduwa , you’ve come to the right place.


Day 1 :

*Tour Brief*

Do get in touch with your sales consultant as soon as your snorkelling Sri Lanka experience  is confirmed and you will be advised on the meeting point.

You will be met by the excursion leader at this point. After the safety briefing, you will be directed to the snorkelling location which is best at that time of year and day.

Your Hikkaduwa snorkelling instructor will be there for any orientation needed. If you are not comfortable to be on your own, please request for a life vest.

You will observe the various types of tropical reef fish during the two-hour snorkelling excursion in Hikkaduwa.

Schools of colourful fish as well as various species of turtle and crustacean are found along these corals. This makes for a truly unique experience that has earned Hikkaduwa its reputation as a must-see snorkelling location in Sri Lanka.

*About Hikkaduwa*

Hikkaduwa is a town on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka around 17km away from Galle and always gets included in the things to do in Galle list. . It is best known for its gorgeous golden beaches and warm, inviting ocean. The famed Coral Gardens and Telwatte Bird Sanctuary are the main nature attractions of Hikkaduwa which lies 98km from Colombo.

Its beaches and nightlife have made Hikkaduwa one of the top tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. It is also a popular destination for ocean-based activities like board surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling.

*About Snorkelling in Hikkaduwa*

Wildly considered as one of the best places to do snorkelling in Sri Lanka. 

We offer you an exclusive snorkelling day tour designed to give you the best possible sub aqua experience. The package provides all essential equipment as well as trained and experienced UDI and PADI instructors.

The best time for snorkelling in Hikkaduwa is between 9am and 11am when the sun is directly above and visibility is at its peak.

In 1940, the islets of Hikkaduwa were declared sanctuaries and were limited to their land boundaries. In 1998, it was upgraded to the status of a nature reserve and later to a national park. The famous “coral gardens” of Hikkaduwa are a major attraction for tourists who want to dive in and get close to the stunning marine life while glass bottom boats are also available for those who prefer to stay dry.

*Hikkaduwa National Park*

Hikkaduwa National Park is one of three marine national parks in Sri Lanka and contains a fringing coral reef with a high degree of biodiversity. The growing number of tourists to the area meant an increase in degradation which resulted in the reef being declared a national park in 2002. It’s considered as one of the best places to do snorkelling in Sri Lanka. 

There are around 60 species of hard coral along with over 170 species of tropical reef fish in the fringing reef in the Hikkaduwa National Park. Visitors to the reef can find large stands of cabbage-type Montipora corals and small stands of branching Acropora corals. There is also an abundance of boulder types and encrusting corals.

You can also see angel fish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, snapper, wrasses, trevally, and various species of sea turtle.


  • Experienced instructor
  • Entrance fees to the Hikkaduwa National Park
  • Hire of snorkelling equipment
  • Government tax


  • Any transportation to and from excursion point
  • Any meal or drink
  • Any tips to the staff
  • Any extra equipment hired beyond what we provide
Overall Trip Rating:
- Based on 3 travel reviews
Very Good
  1. Vibrent Marinelife in Crystal Clear waters
    By Ruth
    from Canada
    February 15, 2024
    I recently had the opportunity to go snorkelling in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka and it was an experience I will never forget. From the crystal clear waters to the vibrant marine life, it was truly a breathtaking and unforgettable adventure
    Date of Experience: January 31, 2024
  2. Amazing marine life
    By Jayne Micheal
    from Sri Lanka
    November 24, 2023
    As I put on my snorkelling gear and entered the water, I was immediately amazed by the diversity of marine life. There were schools of colourful fish darting around, and I even spotted a few sea turtles gracefully swimming by. The coral reefs were also stunning, with their intricate patterns and bright colours. It felt like I was swimming in a real-life aquarium.
    Date of Experience: November 19, 2023
  3. Snorkelling in Hikkaduwa
    By Teena S
    from Germany
    September 18, 2018
    We are glad to have booked with you for the snorkeling, Lakshan was really patient in helping us with everything, loved the experience and looking forward to come again for other activities too.

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Snorkel in tropical waters overwhelmed with reef fish: Hikkaduwa
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