Dreamy River Safari through sun-kissed mangrove forests – Madu River

3 Hours

Journey through the melodious, bird-colonised mangrove forests of Madu River, quivering with communities of land-dwelling molluscs, river monsters, and wild butterflies in Balapitiya.

Ideal day tour experience from Benthota , Ahungalla or Ambalangoda. 

Why should you book this trip?

  • Booking a trip to Madu River is a must for those in Bentota, Ahungalla, or Ambalangoda, as it offers a unique and enriching experience.
  • The river is renowned for its fish therapy spots, providing visitors with a natural spa sensation as small fish gently nibble on their feet in the river. This therapeutic encounter is believed to have positive effects on skin health.
  • Exploring Madu River is an excellent way to immerse oneself in the rich biodiversity of Sri Lanka's southern province. The river is teeming with diverse aquatic life and other animals, making it a natural treasure for nature enthusiasts.
  • Additionally, the trip offers the opportunity to learn about the world-famous Ceylon Cinnamon and witness the cinnamon-making process, adding a cultural and educational aspect to the journey.
  • With a total of 11 species of agnatic mollusks, 14 land-dwelling mollusks, 70 species of fish, 31 types of reptiles, and 50 kinds of butterflies, Madu River showcases a vibrant and colourful array of wildlife.
  • Bird watchers will be delighted to know that the mangrove surrounding the river is home to 111 species of birds, providing ample opportunities for birdwatching.
  • The extensive mangrove forest covering over 61 hectares plays a crucial role in preventing erosion, contributing to the ecological balance of the area.
  • The trip to Madu River not only offers a relaxing and therapeutic experience but also provides insights into the diverse ecosystems and cultural heritage of this unique destination.


Nestled in the scenic town of Balapitiya within the Galle district of Sri Lanka's southern province, the Madu River is a captivating destination offering enchanting river safaris. As one of the top things to do in Bentota, this intricate system of lagoons, islands, and canals spans 21 square kilometres, making it Sri Lanka's second-largest wetland. The river's lush surroundings feature dense mangrove forests, home to diverse flora and fauna, creating a haven for birdwatchers.

Embarking on river safaris along the Madu River is a popular activity, allowing visitors to navigate its constrained channels and marvel at the tranquil beauty of mangroves up close. The experience includes encounters with vibrant birdlife, such as kingfishers and herons, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

One of the highlights is the Kothduwa Temple Island, accessible by boat, where a Buddhist temple invites exploration amidst serene surroundings. The riverbanks, adorned with traditional fishing villages, provide glimpses into local life, featuring activities like fish farming and cinnamon cultivation.

Madu River stands out as a natural wonder, seamlessly blending biodiversity, cultural experiences, and river safaris, making it an essential stop for those seeking a peaceful escape and memorable things to do in Bentota, Sri Lanka.

Includes & Excludes

Included in the price

  • English Speaking Local Guide for your Madu River Safari
  • Boat fee
  • Refreshments
  • Bottled Water
  • All applicable government taxes


  • Transportation to the meeting point in Balapitiya [ off Bentota ]
  • Any extra food or beverages consumed
  • Any tips to the staff
  • Any personal effects not mentioned in this description

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Dreamy River Safari through sun-kissed mangrove forests – Madu River
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  • SLDT/1702/RS01
  • Ideally 8.00AM - 4.00PM
  • Balapitiya [Transport could be provided from your location at an extra cost]
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  • Throughout the year


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