Honorary Consul General of Sri Lanka, Attorney-at-Law, Businessman and Commercial & Instructor Balloon Pilot.

Graduated Faculty of Law. Afer trainings in England, Spain, Russia and Turkey, became Private Pilot in 2007, Commercial Pilot in 2008 and Instructor Pilot in 2009. Worked as Ministry of Transportation of Turkey, Directorate General of Civil Aviation Control/Examiner Pilot. He has trained many pilots. Became Honorary Consul General of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Has 900 hours of flight experience with hot air balloons in 10+ years. Has been working for many years in ballooning and aviation as pilot, chief pilot, vice manager, member of board and general manager. Flown with many different brands and models. Certified Maintenance Technician of Lindstrand Balloons(UK) and Ultramagic Balloons(Spain). Licensed Radyotelephony (RT) user. Attended vocational trainings in the following areas: Communicate Procedures, Meteorology, Emergency Application, Bulk Gas Fire Education, Occupational Safety. Licensed scuba diver. First Aid Expert.