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Trekking in Sri Lanka

One of the most endearing aspects of the tropical climate in Sri Lanka is the ability to find, on most days, a place to trek. Sri Lanka Day Tours provides you the best trekking tours Sri Lanka has to offer. Be prepared for an experience of a lifetime.

With its long history and a culture that has been in tune with nature for millennia – even in prehistoric times – nature trails can be found in all parts of the island. Whether you are going on a walking safari in a high-altitude national park, ascending a sacred mountain in time for a magical sunrise, making a trip down to a cave, trekking along the bank of a mighty river, or adding a trekking experience to bird watching, Sri Lanka has everything covered, and we at Sri Lanka Day Tours can provide trekking tours to suit your needs.

In Sri Lanka, backpacking tours are gaining in popularity and Sri Lanka trekking tours add colour to your experience in Sri Lanka without breaking the bank. We have great rates for groups trekking together. It goes without saying that our trekking tours are complete with a knowledgeable, trained, and certified guide who will lead your trekking party throughout. All paths are predetermined, and you will be briefed on the trail before you start.

If you want to experience Sri Lanka one step at a time, taking a Sri Lanka trekking tour comes highly recommended. Go through the itineraries below and choose the one you like.